"Cook with style, eat with pleasure, and live long and healthy
with the right food!" - Magnus Mumby

British-born chef Magnus Mumby has made a name for himself in the U.K. by creating flavorful dishes that are healthy, nutrient-rich, artistic in presentation, and yet surprisingly simple to prepare.

In his more than 20 years of crafting healthy, delicious recipes, he has travelled the world learning local cuisines, earned numerous recognitions for his culinary skills, presided over the kitchens of some of Manchester’s and the U.K.’s most renowned establishments, and developed an expertise in helping people enjoy eating healthful foods.

While others have combined “tastes good” with “good for you,” Magnus takes his recipes one step further: He adds a gourmet, fine-dining element to his dishes to further elevate the pleasure of eating.

At the heart of his creations are fresh, natural ingredients and savory flavors. Since the secret is in the combination, preparation, and choosing of wholesome ingredients (not exotic, hard-to-find items), his recipes can be sophisticated from a taste, texture, and visual perspective, yet easy and inexpensive to create. Because of this, Magnus has become the go-to chef for developing recipes for everyday people, celebrities, and members of high society alike who want to enjoy eating while doing something good for their bodies and their wellbeing.

Magnus believes that creating quality cuisine boils down to three basic abilities: Read on to see how Magnus’ recipes can help you provide your family, customers, or clientele with food that is healthy, nutritious, delicious, and that offers sophistication that’s simple to create.
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