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The Best Medicinal Food Ever?


Beet roots have been in our diets for millennia. They have been discovered in tombs in Thebes and charred remains in Neolithic digs shows that they were roasted and eaten also.

As a food stuff they must rank as one of the highest in medicinal value. It is amazingly good at helping to combat heart disease, diabetes and also cancer.

It has been shown to lower high blood pressure and also to purify the blood. This is due to the large amounts of folate and soluble fibre.

These folates have been shown to help protect against Alzheimer’s and demantia too.

Containing virtually no fat and rich in phosphorous and pottasium, with an incredibly low G.I. (Glycaemic Index). This means it is converted into sugars very slowly, which helps stabalise the blood sugar, which is excellent news for diabetics.

But it is perhaps it’s anti-carcinogenic properties where beets come into their own. The purple pigment betacyanin (a flavenoid related to anthocyanin found in red foods) has been shown to increase the uptake of oxygen in the body by up to 400%. This can effectively starve the respiration of cancer cells. Tests with beetroot and cancer patients has shown that it is possible to halt and even regress tumours in patients.

The best benefits from beetroot come in it’s raw form.

So enjoy some of ‘natures candy’ as the ancient Greeks used to call it!!

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