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Are Processed Foods Pathogens?

There is little doubt that eating raw food is much more beneficial from a nutritional point of view. This is primarily due to the fact that the enzymes in food break down when cooked at high temperatures. Enzymes in food aid with the digestion, when these enzymes break down the body has to produce it’s own enzymes to help with the digestion. If the body has to produce all the enzymes necessary to digest your food it puts a lot of extra burden on your pancreas and other organs. Stressing your adrenals like this is also one of the major causes of diabetes. In a nutshell raw foods are packed with enzymes, which will help digest your food for you. This will take the pressure off your body to produce your own enzymes allowing your body to concentrate on other functions. Simple really!

There was a very interesting study conducted at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry in Lausanne in 1930. Under the direction of Dr. Paul Kouchakoff it was found that a person would produce white blood cells after eating meals. This is known as ‘digestive leukocytosis’ and is a normal response, however it is not known why the body would react as if there was something harmful such as infection or toxins entering the body. The surprising discovery was that the body did NOT react this way when eating raw foods. This study seemed to show that the body reacted as if it were being harmed when eating foods cooked to high temperatures, but not when eating raw foods. This must tell us something!

The Most amazing find though was that the same rule applies to ALL foods that have been processed, white blood cells are automatically produced, so again, not good. More reason to be cooking your own food rather than to rely on ready made foods.

The end result of the study showed that when foods are heated beyond  a specific temperature (temperatures vary individually to each food) the body will produce white blood cells, but not if they are kept below that temperature.

The best ways to eat cooked foods is lightly steamed, slow-cooked (in a slow-cooker is fine) or stewed. Cheap cuts of meat benefit being cooked at 100-110c long and slowly over night so this is perfect for a healthy Sunday lunch. Slow roasted vegetables especially nutrient rich root vegetables are perfect for this. Slow cookers are becoming all the rage as people are trying to juggle busy careers with ever escalating food costs and are a perfect answer to both these problems.

Not everyone likes salads, but equally you don’t have to cook everything that you eat!

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