Save Your Life, Get Cooking







After air and water, food is the one element we need to survive.

Obviously there is a direct link between what you put into your body and how long you live.

It never ceases to amaze me that people don’t seem to realise that this applies more to the quality of the food than anything else. If you eat better you live longer, it’s not rocket science.

The basic line is that if you eat better quality food, and I’m avoiding using the tag ‘healthy’ as the whole point of what I am trying to get across is that good food can be both. See the recipes on my page for proof!!

Simply eat a healthier lifestyle made up of more ‘whole’ foods. Whole foods are not something you buy from a wholefood store incidentally!! Simply unadulterated foods i.e. vegetables, fruits, fish , meat, cheese etc. anything that is unprocessed.

You don’t have to change overnight, just try cooking more and buying ready meals less.

The point is that by getting back in the kitchen you are going to live longer. So enjoy a guilt free drink knowing that you have counter balanced it with some healthy food. I am living proof of this………. but that, as they say is another story!

Get a bottle of wine, some friends over and get the pans out, and get cracking.

One thought on “Save Your Life, Get Cooking

  1. Martha Decker

    You are so right on with the whole food thing. I know how much better it makes me feel to only eat nonprocessed food. If I had my way I would throw away everything in my kitchen and pantry that was in a box. Well, maybe not some of the staples.

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